Windshield Experts

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The Project

Windshield Experts approached Logicaal Solutions to build a website that reflects the evolving nature of the glassworks business. The brief was simple—a responsive, user-friendly and clutter-free website, which could also handle customer inputs. Windshield Experts provide services related to glasswork on vehicles like windshield, sunroof and rear glass. The client needed a firm digital footprint as they provide on-demand mobile services.

  • Client

    Windshield Experts

  • Industry

    Automobile repair

  • Technology

    PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript


  • A complete overhaul of Windshield Experts’ existing digital presence through an aesthetically appealing website

  • To build a mobile-friendly website to accommodate the surging users of smartphones and tablets

  • Offer a custom booking web application to provide a seamless experience to customers



Creating a responsive contact form with an extensive drop-down menu


Processing the relevant data and adding it to the logic flow. Since all the fields in the contact form were conditional, a regular data scrubbing method could not be used


The images provided were of distinctive low quality and didn’t particularly add value to the overall design flow.


Frequently changing requirements of the client and the subsequent upgrades


Compiling attributes from different reference sources provided by the client in a coherent manner


Enhancing Windshield Experts’ digital presence, considering they only had a basic Google website

The Solution

  • We have developed five different customised solutions for various digital needs--Presence, Caritas, Sentinel, Cloud9 and Talent. The Presence solution was used to provide Windshield Experts with a managed website along with content and digital marketing support.
  • By employing a combination of query and arduous manual efforts, we cherry-picked relevant data values from the vast pool of data at our disposal.
  • After extracting the relevant troves of data, we manually and meticulously cross-checked it before using it for the booking form. Fuelled by passion, the herculean task was completed within the stipulated time.
  • In a display of unmatched craftsmanship, our in-house designer enhanced the images and modified them to complement the design language of the website.
  • The team was receptive to the client’s demands and integrated the frequent inputs provided by the client with considerable agility.


The responsive, pleasing and mobile-friendly website of Windshield Experts reflects days of hard work, technical know-how and unparalleled experience of the people at Logicaal Solutions. We delivered a brand new website with a customised bookings application and appealing images within the deadline.

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