Wireframes & Prototyping

With a plethora of tools to create wireframes and prototypes under our arsenal, we make sure that the groundwork for your products is immaculate.

To make conceptual wireframing work for you, logicians integrate information architecture with interaction design from the very beginning. We employ the right tools and reliable practices while creating wireframes and prototypes.

From clickable prototypes to wireframes with correct confines, we follow the industry-leading practices when it comes to wireframes and prototyping. Unlike a novice UX designer, logicians create a visual feedback loop for each and every possible combination of gestures that can be made by users.

Our expertise

  • Collaborative and Communicative Process

    Communication and collaboration between logicians and the customers is essential for the successful creation of prototypes and wireframes. With transparent process and proactive communication, we ensure the perfect interplay between your domain knowledge and our design prowess.

  • Whole Fidelity spectrum covered

    From paper to wireframes and clickable prototypes, logicians are expert at handling every level of fidelity when it comes to wireframes and prototypes. Whether your product needs low-fidelity monochromatic wireframes or clickable prototypes, logicians are there for you!

  • Electrified brainstorming & Ideation

    To ensure that everything about your wireframes and prototypes is pitch perfect, we start the process with really extensive brainstorming sessions. Comprehensive research  and insightful experimentation is employed to make the most out of the ideation phase.

  • Powered with battle-tested tools

    To create wireframes and prototypes that can accelerate software development cycle, the process needs to be backed with the right tools. Whether it’s the ideation phase where we hand-pick solutions or the testing phase to iron out wrinkles from the prototypes, best-in-class tools are employed.

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