Product Engineering

Confront production challenges and realize opportunities with Logicaal’s expertise. Deploy groundbreaking product innovation that disrupts.

Rapid growth in development technology has completely changed the product engineering industry – An expert technology partner can now give you a staggering edge over your competitors. Get complete control over the development life cycle and deploy products with better service and functionality – all with the Logicaal advantage.

Our expertise

  • Strategy and design

    The right process strategy and user experience can drastically scale the usability and adaptation of your products. Our strategy and design services ensure that your product’s navigation and usage are in line with your operational goals, guiding your users to the actions you want them to take.

  • Enterprise Integration

    Integrating your enterprise with your new or updated products is one of the key operational challenges faced by businesses. Logicaal’s product engineering services ensure seamless enterprise – cloud and inter-cloud integration for your products, allowing you to flexibly adapt to your current and future business needs.

  • Architecture Optimization

    Scalability comes with its own challenges – as your product expands, it requires multiple product integrations, while still needing to work securely and reliably. Our logicians ensure that you get the right combination of services your business needs, while ensuring that the overall product works smoothly.

  • Effective Quality Assurance

    Logicaal provides usability and interoperability testing for your products across all available platforms. This minimizes the need for future bug fixes and patches, while ensuring that your users’ data is secure and experience is seamless.


Frontend engineering

  • Angular

    Cross-platform availability is an essential requirement for businesses. With Angular, we help you provide a consistent experience across devices, while ensuring high availability, speed, and performance.

  • React

    Using React’s flexible libraries for your product’s UI helps you stand a cut above your competitors. Logicaal helps you develop native apps on React’s Javascript libraries that work on across all net-based platforms.

  • HTML5

    Utilize HTML5’s responsive and browser-friendly markup to create seamless layouts. Build diverse and powerful web applications that adhere to the latest web standards.

  • CSS3

    HTML5 and CSS3 go hand in hand where web application designs are concerned. Using these synchronously helps you build well-styled themes that work in a high-performance environment, ensuring you get the best output for your digital presence.

  • Polymer

    Build faster and more agile web components and applications – with Google’s cutting-edge Material Design principles. Our logicians help you integrate Polymer into your product development and help you build the product of the future.

  • Bootstrap

    If mobile web products are more up your lane, then Bootstrap is what you need. We optimize all mobile front end operations using Bootstrap, enabling us to develop with HTML, CSS, and JS at the same time.

  • jQuery

    A very popular javascript library, jQuery enables one to handle and traverse documents and pages with ease. Your web products can now be efficiently managed with the use of jQuery, integrated right within our product engineering services.

Backend engineering

  • Java

    When it comes to backend and server engineering, Java is what makes the world turn. Our services utilize the best aspects of Java, helping you build safe, secure, and efficient backend servers to run your products on.

  • Spring

    Spring is one core framework which integrates well with any java platform. Designed to get you up and running as quick as possible, Spring provides a variety of features which we can aid you in taking full advantage of.


    For accessing databases within Java applications, both the Java persistence API and the JDBC can be put to effective use. With this under our belt, we can help you manage and organize your databases much more effectively than ever before.

  • .NET

    The Microsoft .NET framework is a cross platform tool that helps build applications across various programming languages. If your business is much more suited to utilize the power of multiple platforms, then .NET is what we will put to use.

  • Python

    Python enables transforming existing libraries into APIs for use in backend engineering. Logicaal’s services combine the features of python with other languages and systems like PostgreSQL, in order to create a much more reliable backend.

  • Ruby

    A dynamic programming language, Ruby intends to make the entire product engineering process much faster and easier, hence the reason for us using this technology in our services. This reduces the time to market for your products by a significant amount.

  • PHP

    A backend server-side scripting language, PHP offers key features that can be efficiently utilized in backend engineering. Our services make the most use of PHP’s key components in backend web development, thereby making your products more reliable and feature rich.

  • MongoDB

    Perhaps one of the most popular databases for modern apps, MongoDB is trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, including us here at Logicaal. When it comes to developing cross-platform document oriented programs, MongoDB becomes the preferred choice for us.

  • Cassandra

    Another NoSQL database management system, Cassandra is designed to handle larger amounts of data across many servers. Therefore, if your requirements are same as the aforementioned, then Cassandra is what we will put to use.

  • MySQL

    MySQL offers some of the best features available for any database management system. Management tools, technical support, and high scalability are some characteristics of the system.

  • Microsoft SQL

    The Microsoft SQL server is an RDBMS well suited to building mission critical applications and products. Having a secure and reliable backend for your products can be achieved effectively with Microsoft SQL, implemented by our experienced backend engineers.

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