With best-in-class mobility services provided by logicians, your app development is agile and scalable – exactly what it needs to be!

IOS and Android Mobile App Development at Logicaal

The modern day approach to mobility is simple. Avoiding the need of creating a solution, just for the sake of going mobile, is what needs to be done. At Logicaal, we strive to provide mobility services crafted for your enterprise business goals, for both the short and long term.

An enterprise mobile application tailored to your needs is what your corporation needs to grow, and establish its presence. This starts with developing a strategy of creating mobility solutions, taking design usability into consideration, and then focusing on performance, scalability, and security.

Our expertise

  • Picking the right strategy for mobility

    Any transformation begins with a strategy, a roadmap, which identifies the requirements of mobility for an organization. Our mobility services define and recognize all considerations for your business, and then define the value proposition for the service to your organization.

  • Taking the business to the customer, employee, and other businesses

    Mobility is all about speed, agility, and bringing the business right at the doorstep of associated entities. To help you grab opportunities in this competitive world, Logicaal’s mobility services are designed to get through to both the customer and your employees, thus involving those who matter the most.

  • Top notch support and maintenance

    As is the case with any service, support and maintenance form an integral part of the mobility workflow. Fortunately, with Logicaal, you can operate worry-free, with dedicated support, maintenance, and management services along with quick query resolution. Bringing mobility to our support services, as well!

  • Consulting for mobility in enterprise

    If you are in need of assistance, then our services will get the job done. Experienced consultants can answer any questions you might have regarding mobility in your enterprise. Once all is said and done, the journey towards mobility begins!


  • Native iOS

    We provide native iOS app development services using objective C and other frameworks, in order to provide the best possible quality of mobility solutions for your enterprise. Based on standards and best design practices, we implement our solutions so that you can always operate worry-free.

  • Native android

    Using the Android self development kit and relevant APIs, we also implement android mobility solutions for your business using enterprise mobile platform development tools. Some of these tools include Sencha Architect, and other platforms from some of the biggest names in the industry.

  • Xamarin

    Microsoft’s Xamarin platform is one of the best available to build native apps. Logicaal’s mobility services utilize the best aspects of Xamarin, with mobile solutions behaving exactly the way you want them to. Performance is always top notch, with hardware acceleration being put to good use.

  • Ionic

    A framework to build enterprise level apps, Ionic when combined with the prowess of our mobility services can produce wonders for your enterprise. It can be used to build cross platform applications, offering a smooth experience for developers looking to work on enterprise mobility solutions.

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