Internet of Things (IoT)

Unleash the power of intelligent infrastructure and leverage it to transform your business operations.

The incredibly fast diminishing sphere between physical and digital is what has given birth to the internet of things (IoT). IoT applications generate volumes of enterprise data, and Logicaal’s IoT based solutions help you make the most of this data.

Combining the advantages of AI, machine learning, analytics, and other breakthrough tech, we at Logicaal bring out the best that IoT has to offer for your enterprise. Our solutions include energizing assets, generating and analysing data, and using these insights to drive processes and ensure continuous growth of your corporation.

Our expertise

  • Using the right forces to drive our IoT solutions

    To integrate IoT solutions into your organization, what you need is a firm strategy in place, and the right drivers for progress. We offer exactly that, using technology, business, and strategies to drive our IoT based solutions and derive the most value out of it all. We identify the critical benefits that IoT can offer your enterprise, build a road map, and then guide you through it.

  • Pitch perfect implementation

    Our capabilities, frameworks, and suites to help you accelerate your growth and prioritize rapid development are one of a kind. At Logicaal, we aim to provide a robust platform for you to integrate IoT solutions into your operations, offering top of the line security, connectivity, management, and analytics services for all your IoT solutions.

  • State of the art Managed services

    Once you have your IoT solutions up and running, we are here to offer a proactive maintenance and support schedule for the duration of our affiliation. We deliver monitoring and performance measuring services, to ensure that your solutions are performing to the best of their abilities. Analytics is something that we pride ourselves on here at Logicaal, and service management using analytics is one key component of our arsenal.

  • A smart experience

    Using the insights gathered by our IoT solutions, we help you build a smarter ecosystem within the workflow of your organization. With smarter facilities, connected products, and reliable operations, you can now ensure that the real time performance of your solutions is always top notch.


  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

    Productive and scalable IoT solutions is what we help you achieve with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. You can now connect and monitor millions of IoT assets, gain productive performance insights, and not have to worry about security. Logicaal brings you the best of what Microsoft Azure IoT can offer you.

  • Google Cloud IoT Core

    Utilizing the complete set of tools that is the Google Cloud IoT Core, we help you build intelligent IoT solutions tailor made for your needs. Business agility and decision making are accelerated, and efficiency of operations skyrockets, all thanks to Logicaal’s Google Cloud IoT Core implementations.

  • AWS IoT Core

    When we talk about IoT, can Amazon be far behind? Superior integration, both broad and deep IoT services, and scalability to the max, we help you make the most of what AWS’s IoT platform can offer your business. The multi-layer security ensures that you can always mitigate any risks and potential threats to your systems.

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