With our DevOps experts working for you, matching the speed of application deployment with the changing business needs is not a challenge for you anymore!

Devops Consulting Services at Logicaal

In the digital world, when your business evolves at the speed of light, your application deployment should match the speed. Logicaal is here to assist you to put out improved business capabilities continuously, with our unprecedented DevOps services.

Communication, collaboration, and integration are what is needed between developers and IT operations. Logicaal’s DevOps services offer exactly the cutting-edge you are looking for, creating a culture of constant collaboration between developers and the operations segment of your organization. This makes it easier to push improved products and software to your clients, at speeds previously unimagined.

Our expertise

  • Increased throughput, reduced time to market

    Streamlined software delivery is what we focus our DevOps services on. At Logicaal, we ensure a significant reduction in the time to market for your product, with processes that make continuous software deployment easier than ever. This leads to increased productivity, and eventually, higher throughput.

  • Building from the ground up

    A sound DevOps implementation begins with a solid strategy. Our services can help you derive the most value out of the current technology, which can then be used to drive continuous product delivery and growth of the enterprise.

  • Customized DevOps solutions

    Owing to our experience dealing with a variety of clients across different niches, we can build a truly customized DevOps solution, tailor-made for your enterprise. Getting you exactly what you want is a priority for us here at Logicaal, and we make sure that our DevOps services play an important role in the transformation of your business.

  • The Logicaal trust

    With us, you can sit back and watch all your worries disappear. With identification of risks as early as possible in the life cycle of development, we try our best and reduce any possible defects which might derail the quality of your product. A stable and secure operational state is what we aim to deliver with our DevOps services.


  • Jenkins

    A self contained Java based program, Jenkins helps in continuous integration and delivery of projects and software. Logicaal’s DevOps services can utilize Jenkins as either a simple CI server or an automated continuous delivery hub, depending on the project we work on.

  • Chef

    Collaborate, build, deploy, and continuously manage your projects with Chef. Our DevOps services make the most use of Chef Automate, because of the scalability and flexibility it offers, making it ideal for corporations of all shapes and sizes.

  • Puppet

    Logicaal’s DevOps services, when combined with the prowess of Puppet, let you deliver infrastructure changes faster, make software better, and allow for progress throughout the life cycle. Taking advantage of automation with Puppet and Logicaal’s DevOps is the way to move forward for your company.

  • Docker

    If you are looking for solutions to build and share applications seamlessly from anywhere, then we can help you get started with Docker. Across the entire portfolio, Docker helps you deliver faster times and use less resources, right from the developer to the cloud server.

  • New Relic

    The focus on improved IT collaboration and integration is brought to life by New Relic. Our DevOps services make use of New Relic’s abilities to facilitate rapid IT delivery, and utilize automation tools to build improved software throughout the life cycle.

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