Data Analytics & Visualization

Data is the new oil, but you need best-in-class analytics & visualization to really reap the benefits - exactly what Logicaal offers!

Business intelligence is at the forefront of any thriving business. Data analytics and visualization have become an integral part of what drives an organization forward, and Logicaal is here to assist you in deriving the most value out of your data.

Organizations all around the world are evolving and transforming their business intelligence strategies. Why must you lag behind, then? With Logicaal, you can now be a part of the revolution that places data at the centre of the universe. Discover useful information, mine crucial data, and gain important insights about the operations of your enterprise, so that you can derive the maximum value out of your ventures.

Our expertise

  • Placing data at the centre

    The importance of becoming data-centric in every sense of the word is one that is realised well and truly here at Logicaal. Our analytics and data visualization services are built from the ground up to ensure that data and the benefits that a sound data analysis strategy can deliver are top most priority.

  • Scalability of the enterprise towards data analytics

    Data has now become the driving force for businesses all over. With the sheer volume of data being generated every second, it becomes crucial that your enterprise scales with it. We help you achieve exactly this, analysing and visualizing data to lead to a variety of data-centric business services.

  • The use of cutting edge technology

    The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken the tech world by storm. Why not put them to good use? Logicaal’s data analytics services make the most of AI, ML, and other groundbreaking tech, using a healthy supply of data and insights to drive the algorithms. This leads to improved consistency, reduced costs, and streamlined operations.

  • Experience, trust, and reliability

    Our ventures with a number of clients across various sectors have led to us being well-versed with the demands of each specific industry. Data analytics and visualization is something that can be applied to all sectors, but the intricacies differ. Logicaal, owing to the experience, trust and reliability that it has built up over the years, is equipped to handle anything under the sun.


  • Power BI

    One of Microsoft’s tools to drive data visualization and analytics, Power BI can assist your business in making informed decisions in record time. This is one of the reasons why we at Logicaal swear by the capabilities of Power BI infused with our own services.

  • Hadoop

    For reliable, scalable, and distributed computing, Hadoop is one of the most desired frameworks available today. This is why we intend to make the most use of Hadoop, owing to the scalability potential of this framework, delivering a highly-available service in the process.

  • Qlik

    One of the most powerful data analytics tools around, Qlik is one platform which can make all your data analytics-ready for all your employees. Bringing Qlik to each and every aspect of your business is what will benefit you the most, and this is exactly what we will assist you in doing.

  • Tableau

    It is widely regarded as one of the platforms that disrupted the world of business analytics. Logicaal helps you bring the power of Tableau to your own enterprise, with increase in efficiency, saving of time and resources, and gaining new insights.

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