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With seamless integration to battle-tested security, we help you make the most out of your CMS & CRM platforms.

CMS & CRM – Kentico, ZOHO, Sitecore, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and WordPress Development

Most important part of any business is managing relations with customers and converting leads into customers. For your enterprise to grow, you need effective CRM & CMS services and Logicaal is here to provide the same.

With Logicaal, you can automate routine tasks, so that your team can focus more on what matters- putting your products out there. Our CRM & CMS services help you customize to a degree previously unimagined, so that the requirements of your enterprise are fully met. We realize that businesses big and small ask for different service types, and this is what we offer.

Our expertise

  • Streamlined Synchronization

    To truly make the most out of the CRM platforms, interoperability is instrumental. At Logicaal, we follow industry-leading practices while deploying CMS & CRM platforms to ensure synchronization with the rest of enterprise applications – boosting productivity and improving ROI.

  • Seamless integration

    Logicaal’s CRM & CMS services play well with your existing infrastructure. The demands of an enterprise are different to those of smaller businesses, therefore, we take extra care to make sure that our implementations can be seamlessly integrated within your infrastructure.

  • Top notch security

    Content management systems in particular are prone to security lapses. With us, you do not have to worry about security any more. With a solid track record of security over the years, our CMS services are bound to deliver everything that you need to manage and deliver information to your associates, 100% secure.

  • Real time insights and reports

    A large part of CRM services revolve around generating insights from sales and using those insights to fuel future ventures. Logicaal’s services offer everything that you need to keep your operations running at peak performance, all thanks to real time reports and insights.


  • Kentico

    Saving you time and resources, Kentico is one CMS platform that integrates multiple aspects of the service under one roof, and that is why Logicaal looks to make the most of it. Our services utilize the best features of Kentico, in order to deliver excellent solutions, documentation, and proactive user support.

  • WordPress

    Perhaps the most popular CMS platform in the world, WordPress when associated with Logicaal’s services becomes more powerful than ever. Easy to use, fantastic community support, and a whole host of plugins are few reasons why Logicaal’s services make the most of WordPress to benefit your enterprise.


    Zoho makes it incredibly easy to generate leads, convert them, and retain existing customers. We offer integrated services with the Zoho platform, making it easier to automate routine tasks and help your team focus on what’s important.

  • Sitecore

    Streamlined operations and a high degree of personalization are Sitecore’s standout features. Our services help you make the most of these features, integrating experiences into your existing infrastructure so that you can operate CRM & CMS systems with ease.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform helps you power your business as a whole, right from the people to the processes involved. Building better relationships by making more informed decisions, using our services in conjunction with Dynamics 365 is the way forward for your enterprise.

  • Sales Force

    Scalability is a priority when it comes to Salesforce’s CRM services. Couple that with what Logicaal offers, and you have something that can truly transform your business from one level to another, in a short period of time.

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