Cloud Infrastructure

Embrace high business agility by moving to the cloud. Drastically reduce infrastructure costs and take advantage of our industry-leading cloud capabilities.

Logicaal’s cloud infrastructure services are optimized to provide your enterprise with the juice to run the most complex of applications. By partnering with enterprise-class public cloud vendors, we ensure that your infrastructure outperforms all others, while giving you a high degree of consistency. Support for multi-cloud strategies and open standards is also offered.

Our expertise

  • Performance at its peak

    The cloud infrastructure services offered by us are designed to offer peak performance by utilizing tier-1 hardware of our public cloud partners – guaranteeing. Drive your organization’s growth by using an infrastructure that instantly scales with your needs, giving you the optimum performance, always.

  • Unmatched scalability and reliability

    Simplify your enterprise workloads with Logicaal’s managed cloud services. Solve your organization’s key business challenges by implementing the right cloud solutions and aligning it with your technology requirements.

  • Consistency is our pride and joy

    Logicaal’s cloud infrastructure services have been built from the ground up in order to provide more consistency in results than you would find anywhere else. While costing less at scale, our services enable you to work worry-free about day-to-day performance.

  • Cost effectiveness matched with top-notch quality

    Take advantage of  pay-as-you-use models that help you scale your IT reliably – without incurring high capital expenses. Continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance ensure that your infrastructure needs are met without any hiccups.


  • Google Cloud Platform

    GCP is one of the most powerful cloud computing platforms available – but making it work right for you needs experts. This is where our logicians come in! From planning and designing the cloud infrastructure to ensuring streamlined migration, our certified Google cloud experts allow you to take advantage of cloud solutions that tackle your technology needs at optimal costs.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Using Microsoft Azure, your logicians build the best-in-class cloud infrastructure for your services. We help you architect, deploy, and manage a customized Azure-based cloud infrastructure tailored to meet the goals of your business operations.

  • Amazon Web Services

    From architecture design and security management to migration assistance and optimization of IT operations, our deep expertise in AWS makes IT simpler for you. Our solution architects with AWS technical certifications re-imagine your cloud infrastructure with AWS, optimizing it to meet your operational needs.

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