Cloud Applications

Logicaal’s cloud application services assist you in fast-tracking your cloud adoption strategy, without sacrificing performance.

Cloud App Development

Enterprises need critical applications to be running 24/7. This requirement has led to the advent of cloud applications, with agility and performance being key areas.

Business potential these days is best realized through cloud applications. They give your enterprise the ability to keep running continuously, while simplifying and transforming applications to improve the services that you provide. Our cloud application services help you in delivering more value at reduced costs.

Our expertise

  • Agility and speed

    In this day and age, speed is critical for all business operations. The time to market for your products needs to be as less as possible, and this is what we aim to achieve with our cloud application services. Building and deploying critical applications was never this fast.

  • Security is at the forefront

    A number of security features are embedded in our cloud applications to make sure that your organization is never threatened by any security issue.

  • Using tech to enable your enterprise

    Cloud application services deliver business integration, delivery experience, and innovation to derive the most value out of your enterprise. None of this is possible without the best of the best tech, and cloud applications help you gain the maximum out of tech.

  • Real time analysis and performance measures

    As is the case with any service, cloud applications benefit the most when coupled with real time analytics. Helping you derive maximum value out of our cloud application services, a consistent level of performance is ensured.


  • G suite

    Powered by Google, G suite integrates essential functions like mail, calendar, and document managers for your business. Our cloud services integrate all the above in one package, helping you get maximum efficiency out of our solutions.

  • Office 365

    Completely intelligent cloud application solutions are at the forefront of Office 365. Couple that with our cloud application services, and you have a platform that empowers your team while safeguarding their security.

  • Zoho cloud

    Offering solutions like multichannel CRM, accounting, and books, Zoho is one unique and powerful suite that puts the power right back into your employees. Logicaal’s cloud application services help you manage that power, making sure that you benefit the most from our services.

  • Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform, and in conjunction with our services, you can make faster decisions, implement business processes faster, and deliver much more power and productivity to your team.

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce coupled with our cloud application services assist you in managing your cloud-based applications under one roof, with scalability and customizability at the forefront.

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