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The Next Phase of Cloud Technology

By Logicaal Think Tank

Advent of Cloud
Arguably, cloud technology is the most significant technical paradigm shift in the business world today. It provides increased functionality of resources in terms of maximizing servers, storage, processing speeds, analytics, and increased security. A business that wants to morph smoothly into the digital era needs to leverage such benefits to revolutionize business strategies and processes. What makes cloud computing different from traditional computing is how the internet is used to rapidly access better resources and innovations. The cloud is an agile, scalable and highly-digitized resource that lowers operation costs increases efficiency and creates a platform for transformation.

Cloud as a Foundation
The cloud market is expanding rapidly into another phase of innovation. As an enabler of digital business transformation, many companies have found ingenious ways of leveraging cloud technology to deliver content and better services to targeted customers and potential prospects. A majority of businesses are taking advantage of the cloud’s flexible infrastructure to increase innovation opportunities, run applications, collaborate, and analyze faster. More and more technologies are being developed in order to ensure the provision of service through the cloud interface becomes cheaper and better. So, what’s the next frontier for the cloud?

Going Mainstream
Cloud technology has become a mainstream tool for digital transformation. It’s a fully capable foundation for business innovation and digital opportunity. Many executives are increasingly placing their trust in having business-critical applications delivered through the cloud platform. Based on a survey done by the World Economic Forum, 72% of companies globally will have embraced cloud technology by 2022. Additionally, it has been projected that the fastest growing IT spending category will involve acquiring cloud infrastructure and applications. Which means that as much as cloud computing is considered innovative, it has certainly outgrown its categorization as an emerging technology. In fact, the cloud platform is now becoming the launchpad for other emerging IT innovation solutions.
Considering the promise of an emerging technology within the context of its specific industry, cloud technology has already established its potency as a force that’s here to stay, across industries and geographies, and continues to break new grounds. Though its growth varies by region, the growth driver remains the same. With customers becoming more and more demanding, and the desire of businesses to move at the speed of the market, the cloud is an indispensable resource. Organizations lagging behind will increasingly find themselves isolated from technical innovation. All businesses share a necessity for digital transformation, and cloud technology embodies digital transformation in every sense of the phrase.

Customer Experience
Cloud computing can help organizations breakthrough customer experience by combining experience with operational data. Customer experience is the perception of customers, and their relationship with a business brand resulting from all forms of interaction during the customer lifecycle. Businesses have come to embrace customer experience as a key influencer in improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, sales, and strengthening the brand. Thus, companies are implementing intelligent solutions in the cloud to upgrade the level of customer experience for their clients. B2C and B2B companies are built on the quality of experience that clients have with their brands, which also impacts on employee satisfaction.

Intelligent technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics can be combined with cloud technology and manipulated in a way that improves customer interaction and business operations. For instance, in customer support, while cloud computing collects and processes customer data in real-time, artificial intelligence can be used to analyze the voice, tone, and speech of frustrated customer and respond appropriately. A deeper understanding of customer data can also help the company build more customer-oriented products and services, and create a better experience for partners leading to digital transformation.

Innovation is increasingly becoming an established part of a company’s corporate culture. However, innovation, like digital transformation, does not have a clear-cut, defined, completion state. It’s a continuous endeavor, which makes it a big challenge for businesses to manage. But as much as it cannot stop, its progress can be measured, along with that of transformation. One of the most significant key performance indicators of innovation and digital business transformation is speed, and it can be measured every step of the way.

Today, digital business services don’t stop at providing support and maintenance services. They are also established to help companies accelerate their rates of digital transformation. They are working towards a circular innovation process, which creates an innovation environment that has the needed tools and services to support continuous business innovation. This flexible environment can only be facilitated by the cloud. Cloud technology provides a flexible, agile platform that allows companies to experiment with innovation and come up with their own unique strategies ideal for them.

Logicaal Presence
Logicaal is a digital business service that implements intelligent, cutting-edge solutions to help transform business processes. Made up of a brilliant global workforce, they are industry experts with great experience building successful products and services and committed to ensuring you get the right technology solutions tailored to your needs. Logicaal continues to play its role in bringing the next phase of cloud technology by continuously innovating, and focusing on improving customer experience for themselves and their clients.

Logicaal’s cloud application platform is secure, fast and ideal for building and deploying critical applications. Incorporating technologies such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, Logicaal works at an unmatched level of consistency, providing unmatched scalability, great performance metrics, and real-time analytics. Get in touch with the team and leverage industry-leading tools used by logicians to make data-driven decisions that drive growth.

The sheer omnipresence of cloud technology gives it an integral position in tomorrow’s world, and early adopters of the next phase of cloud technology will be tomorrow’s winners. Whether you’re a startup or an established business looking for digital transformation, get power behind your business and leverage Logicaal’s potential with the right technologies!


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