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Next-Generation Customer Service

By Logicaal Think Tank

Proactive Business Helpdesk

Having a proactive business helpdesk means identifying, and resolving customer issues before they become problems. In this era, waiting for customers to reach you while competitors are busy pestering them with calls and e-mails is not nearly good enough.

A proactive business helpdesk is important for many reasons. First, it increases customer retention and loyalty which maximizes the return on investment of your marketing and business development initiatives. Retained customers are worth more than new ones, and they cost less. Secondly, proactive support resolves issues before they’re escalated to higher levels. Thus, fewer tickets will be fielded, allowing the team time to focus on other tasks. Lastly, proactive support allows you to control the conversation about your products, services, outages, among others.

A proactive business helpdesk gives you a chance to delight your customers. To be proactive, ask your customers for feedback by sending a survey or using feedback forms on the website. Pay attention to what customers are saying online, and reach out to those who mention your company. Additionally, build loyalty by rewarding regular customers with offers, creating content that answers common concerns, and admitting mistakes first.

ProActive Network Operations Center (NOC)

The NOC is responsible for the entire IT infrastructure. Proactive network operations center is a paradigm shift from the traditional reactive NOC, as it anticipates incidents and provides monitoring, analysis, and technical remediation, thereby preventing their occurrence. The capability of a NOC to prevent incidents depends on how well they can identify trends and outage patterns. Thus, a proactive network operations center is constantly monitoring data streams in near real-time to identify patterns likely to cause degradations.

Proactive NOC’s invest in tools that give them an edge when it comes to monitoring and analysis, including early warning systems, and early congestion detectors, among others. From these systems, a business can gain rapid and actionable insights into any number of identified issues, and allowing further preventive investigations based on acquired intelligence. In the long-term, costs of IT will be lowered, and customer satisfaction increases, realizing a return on NOC investment.

Logicaal Sentinel

Hardware IT infrastructure keeps the business running, but it’s the pro-active support, maintenance and cutting-edge customer service that provides real customer satisfaction. Logicaal Sentinel fulfills all the fundamental dictums of proactive customer service by keeping problem resolution time to a minimum and setting aside provisions for fixing problems before customers are even aware that they exist.

Logicaal Sentinel provides numerous beneficial features including proactive helpdesk which provides regular desktop support and patching, proactive SOC that provides advanced system security ensuring it’s up to date, and proactive NOC which provides technical remediation and actively monitors end-points, ensuring system performance is always optimized. Additionally, Logicaal Sentinel provides an advanced security awareness training program, as well as providing a flexible managed backup and recovery system to ensure business continuity. To cap it all off, there are no contracts for anything under Sentinel! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Choose a simple pricing model available on the website and get started today!

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